Great Churches In Japan

Greater Tokyo Area- Tokyo is a huge metropolis. Some of the surrounding prefectures, American’s call them states but some how we got the French-ish surrounding word, are wrapped up and considered Greater Tokyo or the Kanto plain. You can find more about the area here.

A church is a living breathing organism made up of people. The best way to find a great Holy Spirit filled church is to look them up. Listen to their messages and worship on a video streaming service like or, look up their pastors on the internet, and just see what they are like before you visit. That will make your visit to these churches even better.

Great churches are churches that preach the uncompromising Word of God, promote the gifts of the Spirit, and have miracles that bring people to Jesus. Walking with God is a daily thing. Will endeavor to compile a list of great churches that we know in Japan.

Victory Word Church – Victory Word Church is our home church just north of Tokyo in Koshigaya City, Saitama. Since it’s our home church, it’s hard to say there’s anything better. Come visit us!

Hope Church Pastored by Japan raised American, Stephen Kaylor. It’s neat to see this church in Chiba, Japan (North East of Tokyo) growing. It’s in Funabashi, straight out on the Tozai line, or JR line will get you there as well.

Shinjuku Shalom Church Pastor Elmer is a Japanese American from Hawaii (correct us if we’re wrong) and pastors one of the best churches within Tokyo’s 23 central wards. As the name implies, they are in Shinjuku-ku. Really neat, truly Holy Spirit filled church.