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Below is a transcript from a recent CUFI newsletter. In undergraduate work I studied political science. As I look at Iran of today, it is a very urgent situation that needs to be remedied. How exactly? I am thinking about this and I am sure so are those governments who represent goodness and peace.

This information is something you wouldn’t normally see in the news.


april 16, 2007


Iran Plans to Build Two More Nuclear Power Plants

On Sunday, the deputy head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, Ahmad Fayyazbakhsh, announced that Iran plans to build two more nuclear power plants.

These two power plants are in addition to the 40-megawatt heavy water reactor that Iran is already building and the 360-megawatt nuclear power plant that it is preparing to build.

It was also reported on Sunday that Iran has been training Iraqi Shias in secret terrorist training camps near Teheran. Thousands of Shia are being taught “advanced guerrilla warfare” in order to “attack Americans” in preparation for “their big battle with the occupiers.” According to the report, the Shia are being taught to how to destroy armored vehicles, shoot down helicopters, and utilize explosive materials. (The Associate Press, April 15, 2007).


Israeli security sources reported that Hamas is providing the Islamic Jihad with Qassam rockets.

These Israeli security sources stated that “Hamas is emerging as the lynchpin of Palestinian terrorist activities against Israel.”

This terrorist alliance enables Hamas, which is part of the Palestinian unity government, to publicly support the current cease-fire while simultaneously continuing to attack Israel through the Islamic Jihad.

It is now believed that the rockets used by the Islamic Jihad to attack Ashkelon on June 18, 2006 were provided by Hamas. (Ze’ev Schiff and Avi Issacharoff, Haaretz, April 14, 2007)

iran trains thousands of iraqi insurgents !

Thousands of Iraqi Shias in the Mahdi Army, loyal to cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, are being trained in advanced guerrilla warfare tactics at a secret camp in Jalil Azad, near Tehran, according to militants who say they have spent time there.

Abu Amer, 39, said he had been trained by instructors he believed were from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. (Phil Sands Independent-UK)

Anti-Semitic Attacks Increased by 50% in 2006
Tel Aviv University reports that worldwide Anti-Semitic attacks increased by 50% in 2006.

In comparison to 2005, attacks on Jewish schools increased by 50% and attacks on synagogues increased by a third.

Britain, Australia, France, and Canada witnessed the starkest increase in anti-Semitic attacks. 2006 marked a 20-year high for anti-Semitic incidents in Britain.

“For I will take you out of the nations; I will gather you from all the countries and bring you back into your own land”. Ezekiel 36:24

On a positive note, in 2006 anti-Semitic attacks in the United States decreased by 12%. (The Jerusalem Post, April 15, 2007)

The 2007 Passover Miracle
A massive Hamas terrorist attack that was planned to kill hundreds of Israelis during their Passover Seders in Tel Aviv was averted.

Israeli security spokespeople reported that a Hamas terrorist drove into Tel Aviv in a car with 220 pounds of explosives and large amounts of shrapnel. It is unclear why instead of detonating the explosives the terrorist turned around and drove back to Kalkilyeh where the car exploded in a “work accident.” (Gil Ronen and Hillel Fendel. Israel National News, April 10, 2007)

Message from John Hagee

Yesterday, Jewish communities around the world commemorated the horrors of the Holocaust with prayers and services in observance of Yom Ha’Shoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day).

Yom Ha’Shoah refocuses us on the need to do more than just say never again, but to take action to ensure never again.

Today there is a new Hitler in the Middle East – President Ahmadinejad of Iran — who has threatened to wipe out both Israel and America. Iran is rapidly acquiring the nuclear technology with which to make good on President Ahmadinejad’s threat. If we learned anything from the Holocaust, it is that when a madman threatens genocide, we must take him seriously.

During the Holocaust, too many Christians were silent, and we were left to mourn the slaughter of 6 million Jews. Today, Bible-believing Christians must speak up and stand up for Israel. We must act to do whatever we can to protect Israel’s 6 million Jews from the second Holocaust that has been threatened. We must get it right this time. Our faith demands it. The times demand it. Silence is not an option.

We as Christians have an opportunity to help ensure that another Holocaust does not happen on our watch. To make your voice heard you can me and thousands of other Christians from around America in Washington, DC July 16 to 19 at the second annual Christians United for Israel Washington/Israel Summit. You will have the opportunity to share your concern about Iran’s nuclear plans with your member of Congress. You will have an opportunity to fulfill Isaiah 62:1 which says, “For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent; for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet…” and stand in support of Israel.

John Hagee

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  1. I would like to hear more concerning this subject. Enjoyed tremendously and always do, Dr. Hagee’s sermons.

  2. I will always support Isreal,because My Heavenly Father tells me to. I know He will protect Isreal from Iran or any other nation that tries to harm Her. My fear is for this country; USA, to go against the principles for Isreal that God sets in the bible that must be followed. We can’t allow Jerusalem to be Divided.

  3. I hate that Christ is used in a way that makes him take sides to a war. The Christian way is to turn a blind cheek, Christ went so as far to do that all the way to his afterlife. If I where hateful, I would go as far as to point out who was in the synagogue making sure his day happened. Love your enemy. The parts of the bible you are quoting are pre-christian they are Old Testament. Israel has nuclear weapons right now, they have had them since the days of LBJ. Iran’s position next to an invading/returning people who have nuclear weapons would alarm me too, if I were them.

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