A Word Of Faith Video Program Start

Dear Family Of God (And Soon To Be Family Of God Members too!),

The Lord has been speaking to my heart about recording a daily video to be an encouragement to you, my family as well as those we don’t know yet.  Of course, in our generation we’ve got the incredible expansion of video.  People watch a lot more than they read.

The goal is to give you an encouraging word from the Bible or some other insight that we can apply to our daily lives.

The good news is we started the video program this week.  Its pretty simple, 3-7 minutes of encouragement and insight.  God’s Word is powerful.

It’s funny how I’ve been watching myself in these videos this week and have really been encouraged and thought, I need to get more into the Word to check out this or that.  Praise God!

I pray you will be blessed by our work to be more of a blessing to you.

Serving Him with you,


PS. Check out one of the programs here.

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