Book Review- Heaven Is For Real Todd Burpo


Enjoyed reading the book, Heaven is for real by Pastor Todd Burpo.  It confirmed what followers of Jesus as well has unbelievers have seen repeated OBE (Out Of Body) experiences as documented by many people who have died and come back to talk about.  It’s the story of Todd Burpo’s son who went to have as his body was under the knife on the operating table in the hospital.  Very inspiring story.

The book is very descriptive and is peppered with well chosen scriptures from the Word of God that reinforce the Word of God and how the choice we make on this earth to serve Jesus or not will impact us for the rest of our lives.  Our lives are not just made up of the time that we have on the earth, but the time that continues forever once our spirits leave our bodies when our bodies die.

Suggestions for the author on how to make a better version would be

  • Spend more time talking about the heaven experience
  • Don’t try so hard to be descriptive of the car you drove or the heaving into the bucket
  • Avoid spending time telling us about your garage door opener business and other details that don’t really enhance the amazing experience.
  • Back off all the commercial promotions of any character, toy type, or brand.  In 20 years, people will likely not know what you are talking about.

Several of us read the book and most of us skipped the long descriptions. We got lost with the flipping back and forth in the timeline to describe a drive or some other detail.

I loved to hear about the heaven experience and finished the last pages wanting to hear more.

Overall, the book was a fun read but probably would have been better as a mini-book with less auxiliary story that more people can read faster and being inspired by quicker.  Overall, enjoyed the read and recommend to others.


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