Is It Okay To Live Together Before We Get Married?

Many people say that you should live together before you get married to see if you’re compatible. That’s the world’s way, but is that God’s way? The Bible gives us answers for every area of life. This video addresses if Christian men and woman should live together before they get married or not before God. You can also read more at

Is The Bible Filled With Violence & Depravity? Contradictions?

The Bible is the world’s best selling book for years. It has outsold any self-help book, any history book, any business management book. Many people in the world talk about the Bible. Some have read it, some have not. Some have read parts of the Bible and made conclusions about the whole book based on the part that they have read, and their personal interpretation of it. Occasionally we hear people saying things like, ‘The Bible is full of contradictions, or ‘The Bible is full of violence’. Is it? Check out this video from or the whole article at

How Can I Break Free From The Grip of Pornography?

The internet has been wonderful for enabling us to find info on nearly any subject, image, or video.  However, just because something is available, doesn’t mean it is something you should access.  Pornography is a very dark area that starts with curiosity but falls into addiction and bondage.  God’s plan for you is not bondage but it is liberty.  Check out this special video on how to get free from porn or sex addiction.  You can read a detailed article here

What’s The Difference Between Dating And Courtship?

Dating, the way to find your marriage partner for your life… well at leasts that’s the idea of many societies around the world. Is dating the best way? Are there other options? Check out this FP video and find out. You can read more details on

What Does The Bible Say About Reincarnation?

There is religious teaching that says the life we are living is not our first or our last. There is a concept that we are all in a cycle of birth and death. The idea is that if you were ‘good’ in your last life, you have a better status in your next life. This religious concept is called reincarnation. What does the Bible say about reincarnation? How does Jesus Christ fit in? Find out in this video and read the detailed article at

What Is The Age Of Accountability?

What happens to people who die young and have not heard about Jesus?  Do they go to heaven?  What about aborted babies killed by abortion doctors?  What happens to children who die young? Why do people ask, “Why am I here?”  There is a reason why we all exist and we all come to the point where we must decide will we seek God or will we just go along with the flow of the world. This FaithPro video covers, “What is the age of accountability?”  You can read more at

Bible Question- What Is The Fear Of The Lord?

Have you ever heard someone say, “I am a God-fearing individual”? We don’t know about you, but I didn’t really understand what they meant (and not sure if they did either) for a long time.

Some people get this idea that God is someone to be afraid of because some pretty sad and violent things happened in the Old Testament. This is not true. What exactly is the fear of the Lord? Please check out this video or read the in depth article at

Are The Miracles Of The Bible For Today?

The Bible is filled with miracles that changed the weather, multiplied food, healed diseased or broken bodies, and even raised those that were dead. There are more miracles than we can list because God is so good. Some have said miracles have passed away with the early church, others said they were just something the Lord Jesus could do but not something for us. Are the miracles of the Bible something for us today? This FaithPro answers that question. You can get answers to this question at or at

Bible Question- What Is The Eye Of The Needle?

In the Bible, the Lord Jesus tells the story of the Eye Of The Needle. Some interpret it to mean that it is impossible for rich people to go to Heaven. Is that what it really means? This video answers that question. You can also see the response to that question at You will also want to know the answer to the question, “Do Rich People Go To Heaven?” which can be found here