They Need More Of This In Seattle

There is nothing like enjoying time with the family in Hawaii! Praise God for tropics. Ever thought about it, the Garden of Eden was ‘paradise’? Well, I don’t think they had to tip the maids, bus drivers and everyone else like Hawaii. 😉

The New Year Begins- Tokyo, Seoul

It seems every 1 January the retailers have a zillion sales going on.  This pic of H&M at ShinMisato’s Lalaport was no exception.  The difference was there were so many Brazilians in the store you though you were in San Paulo.

We had a wonderful year in
2010. We are very excited about 2011. Buckle up!

Broadcasting Jesus on the streets

Every year we see people on the streets in Ginza or Shibuya. I am glad to see their willingness to tell people but I am wondering about the effectiveness of it.

What do you think? Is this an effective way to bring people to the Messiah Jesus?

Run on the banks in Tokyo!

Here we are at Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank in Ginza (did we get the whole name right?).

Why is there always a rush on the banks to get cash before New Years in Japan?

On the train?

In Tokyo, they get mad if you answer your mobile phone.  In Seoul they sell things, play boom boxes, beg for money, and even give out flyers.  Talk about a captive audience.

Security Software is a tough sell

With the advent of Microsoft Security Essentials, Symantec have a tough sell. You can see our write up here. If you’re using our AINEO Secure service, you can use MSE and also know that we are scanning everything that comes in for threats.

This pic is from Akasaka Mitsuke station in Tokyo. Symantec is advertising an event at a nearby hotel.