Christian Schools! Teach Students How To Love God!

There are so many Christian schools out there to teach people the Bible and God’s ways originally.  Many of them have weekly chapels or some type of meeting of all the students in one auditorium.  Whether it be a pre-school, a Kindergarten to 12th grade, or even a university, the majority of these schools you see have VERY boring chapels.  Students

  1. Mistakenly think that they know the God thing (about being a Christian) because they were forced to go to a boring ‘chapel’ each week.
  2. Many times conclude that there is no power in Christianity, because they didn’t get a chance to experience God.

The above are both wrong!  If you are going to have kids go to a mandatory chapel, as a leader at the Christian school, you have a responsibility.  That responsibility  is to bring as many of your students to Jesus and teach them how to have a daily relationship with Him.

Don’t put an administrator or someone in charge just because they can organize a meeting, sing a song, or use a PA system.  For your chapels, make sure you put a person who is a worshipper in charge of the weekly meeting.  Think of the meeting as some student’s only chance to experience God,  Make sure the kids learn how to worship God, not just sit quietly and disengaged.

God showed us one Sunday how Christian schools damage people and many students never follow God even in their adulthood because they’ve been turned off to Him by someone who didn’t know Him or show Him to them.

Christian schools should produce people that have a passion for God and His Kingdom.  How can you change your Christian school?  Start by fixing the chapel and making it something the kids want to go to.  Seek Him about it and ask the Holy Spirit to flow.  You’re school will never be the same!

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