Cool New Custom Leather Covered Bible

Been looking for a thin NKJV Bible with a thumb index for over two years. Finally found one but the leather cover was not really leather. Thomas Nelson owns the copyrights for the New King James Version(translation) of the Bible and publishes versions with bonded leather and genuine leather.  (Interestingly enough, both the company that owns the  New International Version, Zondervan, as well as Thomas Nelson are owned a large publisher not exactly known for following Jesus, Harper-Collins.  Harper Collins is  currently owned by Rupert Murduch’s News Corp).

The bonded leather is just scraps of leather that have been thrown together to make a binding. Genuine leather is supposed to be one cut or solid piece of cowhide.  Genuine leather used to be acceptable but bonded would only last for a year of you read your Bible. Now it’s hard to tell which is which as the quality is low and we’ve heard that if it doesn’t say cowhide it is likely pigskin (sounds like a football).
The size of the Bible, the thumb index and all were good. But the binding was bad.
Therefore, after buying it at the Supermall Christian book store in Auburn Washington we immediately shipped it to AA Leather in Florida.
It’s not cheap but if you want to know God, you have to know His Word. Got a new Forest Green Cowhide cover with additional pages and 5 marker ribbons added to the Book. It looks great!
Here’s the finished work.



Looking forward to years of service from this copy.

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  1. I am looking for a green leather bound New Living Translation Life Application Study Bible to give as a gift. Do you have anything? I like the color on this bible shown above on your website. I also want to put her name on the front.

    Penny Dyer

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