Daily Faith Confessions To Pray

There are great confessions that Pastor David Gonzalez arranged. Of course, we have localized them for you Victors in Japan.

Pray the Word and watch God’s work in your life.


1. I have the favor of God & I am highly favored.
2. I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.
3. I have the gifts of the Holy Spirit in full operation in my life.
4. I am anointed & filled with the full power of God.
5. I am filled with all wisdom & knowledge.
6. The money is already there for: my home, my church, where I work, my business, travel, cars debt free, debt free living, vacations, money for the needy & foreign missions.
7. I shall increase more and more.
8. I am debt free! My home & cars are debt free, Victory Word Church is debt free, (My business is debt free).
9. My name has honor.
10. My enemies shall flee & fall before me, because of me and because of Your mighty hand.
11. I have more than enough to carry out God’s plan for my life.
12. The enemy is returning 7fold what has been stolen from us. We command satan to return up to 7 fold what has been stolen from us, in Jesus name.
13. I have a hundredfold return on all of my gifts and work.
14. I have favor in all areas of my life. Favor with my local communities. Victory Word Church has favor with the whole of Japan and spreading through.out Asia
15. With long life God satisfies me and lets me enjoy His salvation
16. The Lord fills us & gives us good things.
17. I am not worried about tomorrow.
18. I am are the head and not the tail, above and not beneath.
19. I lend and do not borrow.
20. I have the peace of God that surpasses all understanding.
21. I/we am healthy and whole, my body is strong, and my mind is increasing.
22. I/we will walk closely to God all the days of my life, and all of our children
23. The Lord gives me good things so that my youth is renewed as the eagles.
24. The Lord calls me/us “friend”(s).
25. We are established! Our church is firmly established as #1 in Japan as God’s move is evident, miracles are happening, people are changed by the Word of God

Pray this confession of the Word every day, over your life, over your spouse, your family, your church, your business and God will move in your situation. God’s word never returns empty to His people.

Let us know the testimonies on Sunday or message the Tokyo Office here.


The WORD Brings Victory!

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