Developing A Passion for God


Get All Excited
Get All Excited




God is so good and His mercies last forever and ever!


Wow!  I am just stand here amazed at how loving God is to us.


The weather is cooling off, it is a beautiful day with the smell of Autumn in the air.  Wednesday I enjoyed a nice time with new friends on a terrace at Tokyo Mid-town.  The building is surrounded by green and a comfortable breeze was blowing across the terrace.  I had the opportunity to share Jesus with about 6 people that night.  It was a wonderful chance to share the light of the God’s Kingdom to the people around us.


For the last two weeks the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about passion.  We all have it.  As you have seen from my earlier writing, some people are busy letting their passion go off in the wrong direction.  Involved in immoral relationships, so deep in work that they don’t have much time with God, or just plain chasing ungodly dreams.  What is your passion?


Is your passion that new car you bought?  Is it that new baby?  Is it going to the gym and exercising all the time?  There is nothing wrong with enjoying life. If you are in sin, you’ve got to get out of it. God has a better plan for us.  The Bible says God’s presence is fullness of joy.


That car, that other person, that job, that cigarette, that drink, that day at the gym, that hike in the mountains… nothing can satisfy you like that relationship with God. 


Make a point of getting into God’s presence today.  Take the time to wait on Him


Those who wait upon the Lord… shall renew their strength.


What does that mean in everyday life?  It means if you make time to be with God.  Set aside even 10-15 minutes before you go to work to be with God.  To pray.  God will strengthen you each day you do this.  You will be more sensitive to His Spirit as you go about you day.

What do I do when I pray?  I use the word PSALM for model in praying,


P- Praise       

The Bible says to enter His gates with thanksgiving, to enter His courts with praise.  I start my prayer time with praise God for all that He has done for me.  Praise Him for my health, my overflowing finance (speak it out in faith), my obedient and loving kids, my wife that is madly in love with me.  Praise Him for the answered prayers.


S- Surrender

Next I surrender all my worries, my cares, my concerns, my stress, everything (and everyone) that bothers me I surrender to Him.  The Bible says, “Roll your cares on Him for He cares for you.”


A- Ask                        

After I have spent some time sharing with Him and talking with Him, this is when I begin to ask Him; To lay my needs, the needs of my church, my family, my business before His feet.  This is where a lot of people stop praying.  But there is more to the story.


L- Listen

Listen to God’s voice.  God “is a Spirit and those who worship Him, worship Him in spirit and in truth’.  God does not normally speak to you in an audible voice (although there are those who have heard him).  He is a spirit, and He speaks to our spirit.  We hear God’s direction via our spirits.


M- Meditate

Once you have praised Him, quieted your heart and surrendered to Him, then you can pour out your heart to Him.  After you have shared with God, then you listen to His wisdom for you.  Finally, as your spirit has become more sensitive by this time you need to meditate on what He has said or what He is sharing with you.  What does meditate mean?  It means to think about, think on, to go over and over in your mind.


As you use this PSALM tool you will notice yourself going deeper and deeper with God.  This is the beginning of developing your passion.  Passion for God, passion for your spouse, passion for your children, passion for people and bringing souls into the Kingdom of God, passion for life!


Have a God day!

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