Expecting Great Things At Victory Word Church In Tokyo Japan and the United States

God is so awesome.  We’re expecting great things in 2012 at Victory Word Church.  We are going to see growth in the Japan church and full start up of the church in the United States.

As we wound down the year of 2011, I began praying and seeking the Lord for breakthroughs in growth at Victory.  The Holy Spirit directed me to read a couple books and as I read I saw the reason why.

There is no reason to try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to the Kingdom of God.  We should not be afraid to learn from other followers of Jesus as well as even… believe it or not… unbelievers.

We are going to be making some changes that will make a major differences in how we

  1. -love God
  2. -love people
  3. -connect deeper with the Kingdom of God.

Buckle up!  Let’s be expecting the impossible in 2012.  It’s all about FAITH in the NAME of JESUS!


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