Faith Adventurer- Jerry Savelle Goes To Be With The Lord

Jerry Savelle- 24 Dec 1946 to 15 April 2024 (77)

It is with great sadness we have been notified that Brother Jerry Savelle has graduated to Heaven and is now with the Almighty God. He was very special to us. After leaving our Christian denomination studies for the ministry, we went on to be licensed and later ordained by Brother Jerry in Crawley, Texas. Although, we did not talk to him frequently, Jerry Savelle was definitely a spiritual father and inspiration to us.

We will never forget all that Jerry has done for the Kingdom. From a mechanic in Louisiana fixing car bodies to a major voice for the goodness of God around the world, Brother Jerry demonstrated in His life that nothing is impossible to those who believe. His messages are uplifting and refreshing, showing that whomever you are, if you walk by faith, your life can become an adventure. Jerry called life adventures in faith.

Our favorite message was Jerry preaching Oral Roberts’ message “The Fourth Man”. You can see the video we pulled together of it here. From a guy fixing cars in Louisiana to a God-lover encouraging and building the body of Christ around the world, we would have never been the same without Jerry.

Praise God for Jerry Savelle! A job well done, good and faithful servant of the most high God! We are going to miss you!

In His Service With You,
Spencer Patrick

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