Faith Walking, And The Victory Christmas Celebration In Tokyo

  Sunday was fantastic. We celebrated Christmas at Victory with some 50 or 60 very enthusiastic people. Rocky opened the worship with a good word. Gigi led the worship with a fantastic band of keyboards, guitars, and drums, singing and shouting praises to the King of Kings, and the Lord Of Lords. The Victory family all entered into to a fantastic time of worship that didn’t finish until one hour and 15 minutes from the time we started.

Following the worship, there was a call for people who felt God was calling them into the ministry. It was particularly targeted at men. Three guys came forward that felt they had the call of God on their lives to go into the ministry.

Pastor preached on “Faith Walking” or in Japanese it was “信仰でやる”. He shared Mark 11:22-25 and how Jesus spoke to the fig tree when he found there were no figs on that tree. It was out of season, but Jesus cursed the fig tree. The next morning, the disciples saw the fig tree dried up from the roots.

Following the service, one of our ladies gave a demonstration of her Karate test, pastor called it “Christmas Karate” jokingly. Kids and adults enjoyed watching the kicking and punching techniques, as she demonstrated the black belt test moves. Then the party began!

Yoko led the whole group in some very creative games. One was recalling the descriptions of God in Japanese or English. Another welcomed in the “Candy Man” for the kids. Emily, Sara, and Gycela, ran the ever popular Musical Chairs game… Victory folks are pretty strong on this one! The kids enjoyed a game of Freeze Dancing.

Many people came at 930 or 10am, and were still at Church at nearly 5PM. People didn’t want to go home. We’d say that was a successful Christmas!

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