Finally!  A Bible App I can Use In English (NKJV) and Japanese (Shinkaiyaku)

We have been using and recommending Olivetree software’s Bible Study App since the days of the Palm Pilot PDA (the early 2000s). It has NKJV, Dakes, the SpiritFilled Life Bible and the Strongs Concordance and nearly everything you need for Bible Study on your Mac, Windows, Tablet or Smartphone .

The founder sold off the company. One Sunday morning,  I had trouble with the app hanging. Unfortunately it was hanging during the time I was copying my English Bible passages to my notes with my Japanese for our Sunday celebration at Victory Word Center.  Bugger!

It got me thinking that it was time to find out what was on the market.  I am sure glad I did.  Years ago I purchased Bible software from Accordance that was just Mac software at the time.  I never really used it as I had used Biblesoft’s PC Study Bible and ended up going straight to Olivetree.  Well, Biblesoft has pretty much orphaned their product from what you can see from online reviews.  They don’t have any online demos and it’s a big deal to give you a software download (they wanted to ship DVDs.. which is a cost we don’t need to pay).  Olivetree’s visionary is gone so it seems like the future may not be sure for them.

Decided to give Accordance Bible Software a whirl.  So glad I did.  Found that I could get the best available Japanese bible translation along with our favorite English translations… the NKJV, God’s Word Translation and even the Dakes Study Bible from them.  VERY cool.  As you can see from the above, you can see both the Japanese and the English.  Just need the FURIGANA in the Japanese and it would be perfect.

Liked Accordance so much that I actually bought the Tagalog version as well!  Will keep you posted.

By the way, I did a review of Bible versions and study Bibles on the Word of Faith show.  You can check that out below.

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