Franklin Graham At The Tokyo Celebration Of Love

It was wonderful to have Franklin Graham coming to Japan to share the Gospel of Jesus.  About 20 of us went from Victory.  One person in the crowd was recording the last part where Franklin gave the salvation call.   One of the volunteer ushers shouted, “Do not record” at her during the closing of the message.

It was sad that some religious nut could be so callous in an event.  You would think that type of message you would want posted all over the net, youtube, instagram, whatever  voice we can use to lift up the name of Jesus.

Overall the evening event was nice to visit.  It is neat to see people proclaiming the Gospel in Tokyo.  Even though different denominations have different flavors, it is good to see we serve the same Lord.  It reminded me that there are different levels of hunger as well.  As Mariko preached the other day, there are definitely different levels of faith.  We should all build our faith daily to be like the Centurion whom Jesus said had Great Faith.

Interesting after this event, Bill Johnson of Bethel Church came, now that was a powerful meeting.  Not sure if I’d do another Graham meeting (hopefully the organizers can get their volunteers under control), but definitely looking forward to next year’s Bill Johnson in January 2017!

UPDATED 12 Feb 2016

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