Give Nothing, And That’s What You Will Get Exactly Back


Our family is big on tithing.  We have gone from nothing to abundance.  All that we have has come from Him.  Praise God!  It’s all His anyways. We are stewarding His things for the Kingdom.

I will never forget the couple that came to Japan to help with starting the new church. They received all sorts of blessings from our church.  They got help getting a place to live.  They received many things as well as a washer, a dryer, a refrigerator, even a car… They were so blessed and it was so exciting to see.  Just after all that, they said they didn’t ‘believe in tithing’.  As leaders we should have known better when we saw that.  They’re hearts were in rebellion.  These people were stealing from God.

A few months later, we decided to go from a Saturday kids ministry to a Sunday meeting for the whole family.  God miraculously gave us a meeting place when we couldn’t find anything a year earlier.  Instead of celebrating and helping as the church went to the next level, their rebellion showed and they refused to help.  They tried to continue the Saturday meetings and the enemy was working in them already to try to split the new church start up.

God will not bless individuals who work against His people.  Everything fell apart for this couple and this family went back to their nomadic lifestyle of church hopping, taking and losing things.  It was a very sad thing to see as even if someone gives to this type of person, it will just all be wasted.  We all need to be careful where and who we give to.

God wants you to live long and prosper.  True prosperity only comes through Jesus.

As believers, when we give abundantly it will come back to us in abundance.  Praise the Name of Jesus!

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