How Could Robin Williams Commit Suicide? He Had It All

Why would someone who had everything commit suicide.  It is just unbelievable that Robin Williams would take his own life.
A famous American actor, Robin Williams just died in the US at 63 years old.  He was a true rags to riches type story.  The envy of most young actors and actresses.  He went from an unknown person to a world-famous performer. If you ask about Robin Williams to most Americans, you would hear the majority describe themselves as a fan to many degrees.  We would tend to agree.  His various range of voices and impersonations, his lighting-fast responses, and his hilarious gags will not be easily forgotten.
What made Robin such a success?  Robin was original, he made people laugh and let’s face it, people want to be happy.  He was originally introduced to the US public on the TV Show “Happy Days”.  The Happy Days producer saw the talent of Williams.  At that time his gag of sitting head first in the chair got him attention in Happy Days that continued on into a separate program called “Mork & Mindy” which was a weekly television show in the US back in 1978.
Williams was a great success as a performer as well as from a financial perspective… in short, he had the fame and the means (money).  This is something that most people in most countries of the world are working towards.  Some people call it ‘gold and glory’.
On 11 August around 11am it seems Robin Williams committed suicide.  How could anyone who had it all, end it all?  Most of us that don’t have the gold and the glory can’t understand.  It was a very sad situation.  The posthumous tributes to Robin will note his great skills and contributions to the performing arts, however the fact of the matter is he took his own life.  Why?
If you look deeper into Mr. Williams life, you will see he was married three times, fought with depression, and also was struggling with substance abuse (alcohol and drugs).  For some of us, his foul-language stand-up comedy was a bit too much.  However, that does not negate the fact the Robin Williams was a brilliant actor and performer.
What can we learn from the early departure of Robin Williams?  Being rich and famous is one thing, but being happy and satisfied is more important.  It’s not a matter of who knows you or how much you have, it’s a matter of who you have.  Knowing Jesus is the only way we have a chance of truly understanding who you are, why you are here, and your important role that God created you for in this world.
Robin William’s early departure is very sad to us.  We don’t know if we’ll see Robin Williams in heaven as the Bible teaches that suicide will forever separate you from God.  But God is the only one who knows Robin.  We know that God is good, just and caring so He will fairly judge us all and usher in to eternal life with Him or reject those who rejected Him into eternal separation and darkness.
For this one performer, there is no longer a decision to make. However, for you and I the decision is urgent.  Do you know Jesus?  Don’t delay in making the most important decision of your life.


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