How did the Tokyo Worship Seminar Change You?

160505_KojiPraise the Name of Jesus! From what everyone is saying, the 2016 Tokyo Worship Seminar was amazing. So many people did so much to make it a success. People played in the band, did master of ceremonies(MC), recorded video of the sessions, prepared food, bought food, invited friends, encouraged their family members to come, took care of the huge turn out of kids, ran the soundboard, worshiped the Lord with everything they’ve got, shared testimonies of how God changed them since they met Jesus. It was fantastic.

We heard the anointed Word of God preached in Japanese and English. We heard the Word from seasoned ministers Pastors Mariko, Koji, and Spencer. We heard messages on how to worship, being baptized in the Holy Spirit, How to be a True Worshipper of God, and YPI>YGO (what you YOU PUT IN, is what YOU GET OUT). People were able to immerse themselves in the Word of God and get a word from the Father.

IMG_8148Many children went forward to receive prayer and in one session, Pastor Koji prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit for every kid in the place that wanted and nearly everyone in the place received the Baptism. Even many teenagers and youth received the Baptism. Hallelujah!

This first Tokyo Worship Seminar was best “Golden Week” we have ever experienced.

How did the Seminar change you? You came into the seminar, but how did you leave different?

If you attended, please share your thoughts below as we want to put together a list of what happened and give God all the glory!

5 Replies to “How did the Tokyo Worship Seminar Change You?”

  1. The Lord really spoke to me about my family and the ministry that we have coming as we work together.

  2. Thank God for a Victory seminar done.Ive soaked a lot of word of God and it makes my faith more stronger and inspired me a lot of thoughts,feeling the presence of God more closer.Haleluyah!…….

  3. My golden week its a great and amazing day.
    Its so amazing church and amazing famaily wahat i have in my victory family thank Jesus..being a part of this ministry im so thankful and blessed…to our beloved pastor espencer patrick and mommy mariko thank you so much..God bless you more and more..I love my victory family and also worship team thank you so much..Jesus the more i seek you the more i found you…

  4. Talk about spiritual growth, just about time me and everyone took a leap of faith by turning ourselves from worshipping God into true worshippers. What a refreshing and awesome experience it was. To God be the glory. VWC will keep marching forward and pressing on toward the goal.

  5. I was not able to attend this seminar,however I am blessed to hear the beautiful things The Lord is doing in people’s lives.

    It seems as if God is making deposits in us at times like this.

    Drawing us closer to himself!
    I’m reminded of what Paul said. That I might know Him and the fellowship of his sufferings. Also to the children of Israel he revealed his acts but to Moses he revealed his ways amen.
    Forgive me I’m babbling. :/

    P.s. I love the photo of the speaker kneeling and all the beautiful children and adults on the floor at the foot of the altar. Such reverence for the Lord
    Absolutely priceless

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