If I’m in Tokyo, I’m at Church (VWC) On Sunday

Over the last two weeks I’ve been in three countries and some 7 cities. I got half a service in at Victory Word Center nearly two weeks ago, but I missed church last week as I was in Oregon.

Had some great prayer times in both Florida and Oregon, but man, I hate to miss church. I’m stoked to be at Victory tomorrow. As I think about tomorrow I am reminded of those people that we see every week. They rock!  What a blessing and what an amazing church family.

I also think about those who just show up just 2 or 3 times a month. I just don’t get why it is not their priority to be in Gods house every Sunday.

If you are a Jesus person, make it your priority to get into the Lords House every week. I tell you this, when you make the Lord s Day, His day and commit to being there no matter what happens, you will begin to connect with God and HIS Kingdom. When you do that, Watch out!

  • You will see your family strengthened
  • Financial breakthroughs
  • healing and health in your bodies
  • Joy you can’t explain
  • Salvationist of your loved ones
  • Yourself knowing the voice of God and having and having wisdom for every situation

Get into Gods house this weekend. Make The Lord’s day the Lord DAY for your whole family.

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