Just Amazed. Japan’s Best Church?

Just Amazed. Japan’s Best Church?

I am just amazed.

Today I heard something I’ve heard for the seventh or eighth time over the last three years. I was told ‘Victory Word Church is the best church in Japan’. When I hear that I think, God you are amazing!

I think to myself, what makes a church so great? The leaders, the church family, the teaching, the miracles that demonstrate Gods power. To me these are all musts in a Spirit-filled, Bible believing, church. If your church is boring, then its probably because they have missed the infilling of the Holy Spirit. We refuse to bore people at Victory. Nor will we get so focused on programs that we forget to regularly feed our inbuilt passion for God.

One year I had the opportunity to visit 17 churches in one region of the untied states. I had this idea that people went to church because they knew God, they saw His miracles, and they got recharged spiritually like I did. I was so disappointed. Of the 17, I would only consider returning to two of those churches. Why? They were mostly dead places full of traditions and ritual. No God, no life.

After that experience, I can now say I understand when someone says, ” Your church is the best church in Japan.” Of course there must be other churches. But I totally agree with them.. We’ve got people who love God, love people and are seeing the demonstration of Gods power in their lives. We need more ‘best’ churches in our nations

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