Just can’t get into this stuff

2016-02-13 Religious People3Just can’t get into this stuff.  Robes, hats, a bunch of old guys…

To me, this is religion and I’m not interested.  Does God need to really dress people up to display His power or His authority?

Of course, we should dress nice.  If we’re a king, we should wear a crown and robe maybe to display our political power and authority over our domain.  However, if we are spiritual leaders we should be able to show it whether were in a business suit or jeans and a tee-shirt.

Jesus had nice clothes.  If He didn’t have nice clothes, the Roman soldiers would not have gambled to try to get his clothing when they crucified Him (Matthew 27:35-37).  I don’t think He had to dress like a Star Wars character.

Jesus is risen!  Let’s proclaim His life so that other’s might live.

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