Lunch With The Governor Of Texas

140907_RickPerryEnjoyed the chance to have a lunch with the Governor of Texas, Mr. Rick Perry.  Was sitting around a table with other people at lunch with him, but I was directly across from him and chatted for about 20 minutes.

Neat to see a politician that is seems to understand business and be a bit less political.

This is the third US state governor I have met.   I got a good talk with Florida’s governor a few months back and was really impressed with his sense of professionalism and know-how from the various companies he has built and run and how he applied that common sense to running government.

I met Mr. Mitt Romney 3 times over a few years but didn’t get to talk with him in such detail as Mr. Scott and Mr. Perry.  Pretty cool to be able to meet these people who are in national and international news.  Excited to see how God uses these chances to meet with leaders.

Only 47 governors left to go, and we’ll have met all 50 states!

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