Marking Up Your Bible According To Topics

Writing in your Bible is something we highly recommend.  Notes and dating what happened is really good.  Underlining and highlighting is also good.  If you buy some color highlighting pens you can mark you Bible according to topics.

Many have asked me for some ideas on topics.  The Word Study Bible from Harrison House Publishing is out of print however, there is a topical summary of some keys areas.  You can download that here.

We suggest you get 5 color pens (or so) and mark the passages in your Bible.  For example, we used Blue for Faith, Green for Prosperity, Yellow for Confession, Red for healing… and so on.  You can mark a color key in the front of your Bible and write the topic next to it.

  • Blue- Faith
  • Green- Prosperity
  • Red/Pink- Healing
  • And so forth…

Enjoy your time in the Word!

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