Money In Your Mailbox

On January 2, of the New Year one of our team went to Victory’s Koshigaya building and checked the mailbox for mail. Looking in, there was a stack of spare coins. We were surprised to see someone had thrown money into the church mailbox. As I began to spend time in the presence of Yahweh, out of the blue He said, remember those coins in the mailbox? Yahweh proceeded to tell me what had happened.

Japan Temple Rush


In Japan, people go to the temple and throw money into the Buddhist/Shinto temple’s grated money box at the front of the temple when they ‘pray’. There is, many times, a thick rope hanging from the ceiling of the temple with a large ‘cow bell’ type of bell attached to it. They shake the rope from side to side to ring the bell, clap their hands together (to get their “god’s” attention) and hold their two hands below their chin while bowing their head and closing their eyes. As for what they pray, and how they.. you’re guess as is good as mine. In general, the people of Japan do not go to the temples and shrines much.

Shinto Altar

On New Year’s Day, hoards of Japanese line up at Yasukuni, Narita, Sensoji Meiji Jingu, and various other temples and throw their money in and get their annual blessing. An unsaved friend of mine, said he and his wife waited four hours to throw in their money at Yasukuni Jinja (shrine).
So what happened at Victory on 2 January (or most likely 1 January)? Well, actually Yahweh showed me that someone was praying to the Almighty God, Yahweh, for a blessing on their lives for the year through the ministry of our church. Praise God that they recognize the blessing on the church! However, believer or unbeliever it seems like everyone wants to be blessed. But God’s blessings is not just a new year thing.

If you want to be blessed, your everyday actions are what count. Do you spend time in the Word and in God’s presence each day? Do you work hard and work smart at your job? Are you giving every week or at least every month? Are you giving to the church is your tithes, your offerings, your time to help and encourage others, your effort at making your church a city-changing ministry to your nation?

We know from Deuteronomy 28, that God wants His people blessed. How is someone going to be blessed by God? Here are a few steps-

1) Spend time with God each day in prayer and in the Word. Get into His presence and get His wisdom for your life and the things you are dealing with.

2) Be a committed attendee at a Spirit-filled, Bible-believing church. Dead and boring churches will pull you down. Live, active, and God-loving churches will bring you up.

3) Be a committed tithe-giver at your home church. Don’t let it stop at the tithe. Join the worship team, volunteer to do the maintenance and cleaning at the church, be a church usher, be a greeter, be a camera man, volunteer to help with teaching the kids, help the church find new ways to reach out to the surrounding community,

4) Work hard and work smart on the job. He will promote you and enhance your career as He has promised to ‘bless the work of your hands’.

5) Be filled with joy  of God in whatever you do. It is a happy day. You are alive! Rejoice (that means being filled with joy again and again) that you are Yahweh’s child and He is realizing a great plan for you.

The Word Brings Victory!

2 Replies to “Money In Your Mailbox”

  1. Blessed be His Glorious Name!!!

    Dear Pastor and Family,

    A blessed new year to you! Yes, we’re praying for you and for the Victory Word.. Truly God is greater than any possible great things that we’ve seen in this world,. We are full of hope and anticipation for the greater things to come this year 2009 leaving behind all the negative things last year and continually bringing those good things and striving to do more good things for God..

    Happy to have known you as one of Gods annointed of reaching the world through the gospel.. Truly Gods word brings victory!!! We will continue to pray for you.. May your family blessings come a thousand fold, may the love in your heart never get old and may you all find treasures worthier than gold.. Happy new year from my family to yours…

    Daniel and Family

  2. Praise the Name!

    We thank you for the great work going on in Japan for Jesus the Messiah. We couldn’t do it without you and the growing number of Victors in Japan!

    God Bless YOU Richly!

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