Our calling to Japan- Victory Word Church

Praise God! Thank you so much for those who have supported us in streaming; in person, in prayer for wisdom, in finances, and so many ways.

Our calling is to Japan. We are here to bring people in Japan to Jesus Christ, from darkness to the everlasting light, from fear and insecurity to faith and power.

During the virus threat times, we have preached many messages in English. Prior to the threat, we were translating for ourselves. I am sensing a change of season. We will be moving Sunday teaching back into Japanese. We will continue to use English but as we want to reach young families, there will be a bit more Japanese than English. Also, I am pleased to announce that the teacher will no longer be translating two languages. We will endeavor to have an interpreter on the stage. This will allow the minister to focus on the message in Japanese or English and not be distracted by having to give a message in two languages.

I’m very excited to be able to focus my teaching in either Japanese or English. We are planning more enhancements to reach Japan for Jesus. Buckle up your spiritual seat belts and get ready for even more adventure.

A beautiful sunset

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