Pat Robertson A Man Of Great Faith

(8 June 2023) Years ago I felt led by the Holy Spirit to make a trip to Virginia to meet Gordon Robertson and see the things that were going on in the ministries there of Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), Regent University, Operation Blessing, and all the associated ministries there on the campus of this great ministry. Although I did not talk with him personally, I was very impressed by the impact one man’s faith can have on a generation. This is the guy that my state of Washington elected as our candidate for the president of the United States. This is the guy who built a ministry to tell people about Jesus, to educate people in God’s ways as well as the ways of commerce and government. Pat Robertson is the embodiment of what God can do through anyone with a bit of faith and motivation. He impacted his generation through using ‘every available voice’ of TV, the internet, radio, print media, books, and much more.

On my visit I stayed at the Founders Inn. This was the on campus hotel for visitors. I was welcomed by Gordon Robertson and got to hear about his vision as CEO of this vast ministry his father had founded. We also talked about what God is doing in Japan. It was neat to see the ministries in animation that they have done for Japan with Superbook. This week we lost a champion of the faith, but the foundation of what Pat Robertson did has changed our world for ever. Now it’s our turn.

-Pastor Spencer Patrick

Check out the post on the VWC website here.

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