Praying At The Hospital- Gods Word Works!

My father went for surgery on November 14th. He had shoulder surgery on his other shoulder and has always had a hard time with surgical procedures and recovering with all the drugs and pain killers. He’s apparently had to stay longer in the hospital due to complications.

This procedure was different. Why? We prayed over him.

He went into surgery first thing in the am. We had prayed the night before that God would guide the hands of the doctor. When I arrived at the hospital he was still in the operating room so we waited. Once the operation was complete the doctor called us in to explain things and said everything went really well.

He was then put in recovery so he could come out of his induced sleep and be taken to his room. We waited for about 120 minutes for the, to bring him to his room at the hospital. When the nurses rolled him in, we agreed in the name of Jesus as we prayed for a supernatural recovery. Once we prayed, we left for the day as he was sleeping.

The next morning he called and mother didn’t even recognize his voice as he was so perky. Praise God! A guy that has had so much difficulty helped by the power of two people praying and believing in the Name of Jesus.

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