Protect Your Heart! It will affect your whole life.

Prov 4:23 
23 Keep your heart with all diligence, 
For out of it spring the issues of life. 


When we say protect your heart, most people in the world today would think of physical exercise to strengthen the heart.  Or possibly eating lots of greens that help keep the body pure and the heart pumping well and unhampered.  The New Living Translation says,

Guard your heart above all else, 
for it determines the course of your life.

What is it about the heart?  Is the Word of God (the Bible) talking about the physical organ that pumps blood in your chest throughout your body?  Actually, the Bible is talking about the center of your being.  Your heart is you. We know we are a spirit, we have a soul, and we live in a body from 1 Thessalonians 5:23.  But the book of Proverbs, and the rest of the Bible talks about the heart all the time.  Why?  Because the heart is the center of our being; the center of us.. our implicit self.  If someone is ‘heart-sick’, they can end up physically sick and possibly even die.

The spiritual entrances to our heart are our eyes, ears, and senses.  That is why we really need to be so careful about what we see, hear, and read.  I remember seeing something scary on TV as a kid and it was as if those images were burned into me.  When the lights went out, I would fear that whatever I saw on the TV was actually real and happen to me. It took years for me to forget those horrible images.

Someone once said you are what you eat.  I would like to expand that.  You are what you think.  In Japan, we’ll often see people practicing their golf grip, swing, and follow through, all on the station platform as they are waiting for the train.  They are consumed by golf as that is what they think about.  They read golf magazines, talk about golf with their friends, watch gold programs, and rather than spending time with their family on the weekend that are out on the golf course.  Golf has consumed them.

Others take a look at something they shouldn’t be looking at.  Just one look and it is hard to erase that mental picture they have taken.  The imagination is a powerful tool that the Bible tells us to keep in control.  The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 10:5

2 Cor 10:5 
We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, 

We must protect our heart if we want to have success in life.  We cannot allow ourselves to look at things or spend time doing things that take us away from the abundance that God has planned for us.  In the end, it all leads to death.  If you go after God, 100% you will have more than you can ever imagine, spiritually, physically, financially.  Everything comes together. 

God wants to know you, but you have to want to know Him as well.  If you allow your world to be crowded by the cares of this world, hobbies, sports, or things; you are missing the perfect plan God has for you.

Don’t be satisfied with what things are like now.  God has more for you, but the key is keeping your heart clear and free so that you can be led by the Holy Spirit. 

Posted on 21 November, 2006

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  1. To,


    Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I m Pastor.David Raj from hyderabad. I came to know about you through google when i typed global faith ministries. I have read about you why dont you conduct healing crusades in india at hyderabad


    In fact , we were Hindus, worshipping Gods / Goddesses as a part of our life, without which it is impossible to get peace of life / survival of us would be difficult we believed. So, we worshipped them vigorously more & more which has become an order of the day, to have peace of life.

    After some time to pass we were attacked by some of the problems (like frequently sick, accidents, debts and financially ) all of a sudden so we lost the peace of mind in the family ultimately. To avoid these problems causing agony we had resorted to visit some of the historical temples viz SRISAILAM, NANDYALA, KANCHI, MAHABALIPURAM and worshipped them fervently by broke coconuts all have proved futile as their difficulties were not eased out.

    As we are unable to sustain these difficulties any more,and become miserable at that time we were asked to rush up to TIRUPATHI so that all his problems would be sorted out peacefully, it was told. Based on the sincere advice of one of my best friends we rushed up to Tirupathi with a belief that there’s a big God and all our problems can be solved any way there.

    While we were proceeding vigorously to the temple of Lord Venkateswara Swamy on the hill top a revelation of God came up saying that these were all stones only stones and nothing else was there in that as if some body was talking to me behind which is melodious voice.

    I was trembled and my heart got melted greatly when I directly exposed to the Radiant Divine-Jesus who was on the Cross , said that ” I shed my blood for you,” and then disappeared. So we were tempted,/ compelled ourselves to repent on the spot by confessing of sins , in our hearts and received Jesus Christ as our personal Savior & God.

    After revelation as above we entered temple of Lord Venkateswara Swamy but were shocking to see that Lord Venkateswara Swamy a big idol which doesn’t have life of it’s own. After analyzing these and examined thoroughly including the revelation of god I had on the hill top we had come out with a conclusion that Jesus is only the savior, true God for he has paid price for the entire mankind on the Cross, than any one else in the world.

    We could understand only after revelation of god which spelt out over these as idols & nothing else So these idols were removed from my house as confirmed by God as soon as we had come back home,at Hyderabad. Further we felt a lot of burden / huge weight has been lifted from us and lot of peace restored back in the family, miraculously. than ever before. Thank god.

    Accordingly we had received baptisms of repentance on 10-2-1991 in the name of the Father, Son & the Holy Spirit Amen.


    As soon as I had received baptism / born again the following changes were noticed by me and I have been transformed .

    Lot of Repentance has come in me after water Baptism.
    Holy Spirit has found entered in me as a New person.
    Darkness was dispelled from me, and replaced by light
    All my old life / sinful nature was buried underneath.
    All sins / mistakes of mine were forgiven
    I have been washed in the precious blood of the lamb /Jesus Christ &
    made me as a righteous one ultimately
    New life is being built up by transforming my life as New man is
    already working in me
    Holy Spirit dwells in me in order to make me Holy.
    Holy Spirit is my guide, and helps me on overcoming life & also to
    conquer any tough.situation prevailed against us. Glory be to god .

    Revelations of God miraculously:

    First cum first god talked to me by revealing through the Psalms (37:5) : Commit your ways to the Lord, trust also in him for your desire shall be fulfilled Glory be to god.

    As I was meditating on the said verse / glorifying his name a new person
    came before me with dazzling while may be the holy spirit. I handed over
    to him of all my ways written in a piece of paper. The holy
    spirit disappeared from me but a feeble voice came up informed that
    honesty ? He has re–appeared to me after revelation , touch my shoulder
    with a smile and said I will come back to you again.

    God talked to me directly by revealing the Psalms 15:2. Since the holy spirit is my guide who dwells in me transforming my life by walketh uprightly and integrity in the heart . As such holy spirit is insisting over the integrity in my life wherever I go, and in order to make me a holy .

    One day, after Sunday Service, on 29TH Dec1996 particularly when we gathered in a house & prayed vigorously, God called me directly “ My son, Preach my Gospel boldly, Fear not, for I will be with you and come to you wherever you go “ tremendously god said.

    Immediately I had sensed his presence so strongly after revelation as above and tempted to preach the Goods News of Christ / Gospel courageously on the roads / streets of twin cities in Hyd & Sec’bad, besides distribution of tracks / hand bills etc. Subsequently the Lord is poured his spirit upon me in a new and unprecedented manner with the anointing of the holy spirit .

    As usual Salvation of Christ is being preached effectively by me regularly & courageously one fine morning at 7-00 AM on 1-3-1997 I saw the vision directly as designed above which was descended from upwards in hanging position and it was there in front of me for a while & then got vanished with a revelation / God’s word in JER (1:10 ) can also be ref at ( 2 COR 10 : 4, 5, 6 ).


    As I prayed for furtherance on the revelation of God as above a “GOSPEL DIVINE VISION MINISTRY“ appeared before me miraculously which has been created by the Lord & Savior Jesus Christ the almighty god as a new ministry to enable us for expansion of the Lord’s kingdom & also to combat the evil forces / demonic powers prevailing against the ministry of the Lord,, in the 21st Century. Glory be to god.

    For the first time, God has opened the door for our ministry in the year 1997 to enable us to preach gospel of Christ at five villages in Godavari belt. Accordingly we had preached the good news / salvation of Christ in these villages successfully by conducting three days meetings in each village as directed by the holy spirit through divine vision. The divine vision plays a vital role and helping us where exactly the gospel of Christ has to be preached and delivered them from darkness.

    At Ponnamanda, After successful completion of three days meetings in this village one old mother Bhagyamma by name came & told that no reply has come from her son even after three years who had been to Bombay to seek a job. So we worried over him & doubt whether he is alive / safe as no body there to tell us about him she said. I heard about you can able to tell some thing about him as god is with you. I too can not say any thing about him but God only can reveal and nothing is impossible for god, I said. So I can pray for your son, I said..

    As I prayed vigorously and prophesied that her son is alive and safe & you will be receiving a letter from him within ten days of time it was told. Then we have left that place and came back to Hyderabad. Before ten days as it was said a reply has come informing his mother that he is safe and coming for marriage alliance he wrote. As soon as he had come to his native place he must have been informed all that was happened for him. So, he rushed up to Hyderabad in order to see the Pastor who has prophesied for him that was all true & exactly correct , he said. Praise be to God, in Jesus almighty name, Amen .

    As I was busy doing Lord’s Ministry perfectly as stated above for which I have been called. Mean while, one brother Suresh by name has prayed for me & informed that God desired you, to take up an humble service like Church of god than doing evangelism. After some time, sister Mary by name who came from Kerala doing Lord’s service whom I knew informed me that while she was praying to god, revealed that I have anointed Murty as Shephrd and the place where the Congregation of the Lord to be started has not been spelt out at that moment, she told.

    Immediately I have not started Lord’s Congregation as revealed above, and after four years God spoke to me directly & asked me to submit myself humbly for you have to feed my flock / start a new congregation , in the year 2000 Dec 2ND . Even after that Lord’s congregation has not been started yet due to various reasons I had been to my native place . At that time God spoke to me.if you are not able to start my congregation , you go and join back in your old church, God said.

    At last the congregation of the LORD had started in a separate room of my dwelling house wherein Lord also desired in the year 2001 September 9TH .by God’s grace. Now the Church of Christ has been progressing / overflowing and the need arised to think over for a new Church ..So we are seeking for a new .location / church to be built up outside by acquiring a piece of land / admeasuring 500 yards for the purpose. Accordingly we are inviting the sponsors for the projects as desired by god. Let your money be used for the expansion of the Lord’s kingdom ,with faith .



    When started expansion of my dwelling house at B.K.Guda only with 8000/- but the estimated cost for expansion was to be 4-5 lakhs in the year 1993 last. We digup a bore by faith & prayer and accordingly a full depth of water was found which is very sweet. Thank God. One Purohit / Poojari nearby came to see how water is coming abundantly without pooja / coconuts broken . Seeing the miracle done by God he became upset and went away without talking any thing to us. Work was progressing and the amount for what we applied will not be sufficient even for apart and was waiting for the house loan as I applied has been delayed. Mean while after Sunday service / Church we came back home. As my children went in side but I sat in the Sofa . Immediately a loud voice came up & said that all this is God’s grace. God blessed this house through a communication angel sent for this purpose. With this blessing by God has opened the doors for us and as such expansion of our dwelling house has been miraculously completed. Glory be to God.


    All of a sudden , my right hand turned rubber like ice cubicle and became senseless as a fact. My wife got shocked of when she caught hold of my right hand and advised me to rush up to Physician immediately as it will be very serious she said. I was kept quiet and I don’t want to rush up to any doctor as I was looking for Savior Jesus will heal me any time spiritually.. As the condition of my right hand became serious with unbearable pain / burning may collapse any time. As the condition became critical I had rushed upto my bed room & lifted my both hands up where the current board was installed & said– Praise the Lord that’s all the glory of God descended into my right hand like a current shock . Instantaneously my right hand got healed by driven away burning , pain miraculously . I thought the current board might have fallen & shocked to me.

    No, timely action by God who overshadowed with his glory and hence the dreadful evil like paralysis stroke could not be worked at all upon me any more & thus averted him from the attack. Glory be to God. KEY : Divine glory / fire has delivered me out safely.


    My son DAVID by name was forcibly dragged by the DEVIL from the Middle of the Class / School to a far of place – SURYAPET (200 KMs) away from Hyderabad. We could know the news of my son absconded from the school only at 5-00 PM on 22nd day of August’94 .and as parents we ran from pillar to the post to trace / search him in the nearby places vigorously but my son could not be traced at all.

    Then we had come back home with an alternate that let us pray to god he only bring our child back safely , and accordingly we started pray at 9 PM on that day .

    When we prayed to god vigorously the Devil which was centered on him has left so that his mind has got stabilized and he was remained in the SURYAPET Bus Complex only. At 11-30 pm a group of (8) Naxalites have arrived in bus complex and caught the boy who was looking innocently as if a missing case. They thought of initially to take him & trained him and make him a notorious dacoit in their camp. .

    But their crooked plans as above all were turned and changed their minds all of a sudden in a bit of time and they were became a very good gentlemen since the presence of God almighty has been with boy, miraculously. They took the boy to a nearby hotel and fed him and brought back and started asking him details where from he came.They found one school bag in which one dairy was traced & found that he came by missing from Hyderabad.

    They had discussed among themselves how to send him back to his parents at Hyderabad. Following discussions were made among themselves for the boy to be sent back,safely

    Suppose we give him some money and asked him to go back to his parents at Hyderabad can he go properly?

    In case we hand him over to police and ask them to send him to Hyderabad by a bus the police will beat him up and get him into some other bus can he go ?

    No , it is better & two of us should accompany the boy and handed him over to his parents at Hyderabad. Accordingly the two of the Naxalites took the boy by holding him in their hands like an escort.

    So, they have brought him back to Hyderabad by engaging a Lorry and handed him over to his parents safely on next day at 9-30AM . Glory be to God.

    KEY ; Jesus Almighty God by his grace delivered innocent boy from the clutches of Devil, and also from the hands of Naxalites ( like delivered him out of the Lion’s Mouth ) and also God used Naxalites uptil the boy reaches home safely. Glory be to God.


    One woman LAXMAMMA by name aged about 80 years was suffering with Kidney problem since quiet some time. She has been later shifted to NIMS Hospital . After a thorough check up by Experts and informed that her both kidneys had failed and she will die within a week. She was brought back and informed relatives, near and dear about it . All came with weeping & crying around the patient.

    One sister came and informed of the critical condition of that patient and asked me to go & pray for her she said. As I prayed for her vigorously a shining light was seen fallen upon her ( Jesus has moved with compassion & love and embraced her) miraculously caused heavy sweating on her body resulted in completely healed of her affliction instantaneously by turning down the expert doctors week days time set for her death. But Jesus–Almighty God brought her back into life and she alive now beyond three months. Praise be to God.


    Before Baptism my name was N. SATYANARAYANAMURTY After baptism also my name was remained the same and no need to change the name the Pastor said. When I prayed for various issues with fasting & pray I have asked Lord God Jesus whether my earlier name be good . Immediately one name plate which was written as N.SATHYAM came in front of me, miraculously. Thank God, Praise be to God


    While I was praying vigorously several thousands of twinkling stars had appeared all of sudden & come near to me, God said that these are given to you as seeds of your own. Glory be to God.


    My brother-in-law Mr Nageswararao who was worshipping deity named KALI came to my house at Hyderabad, and stayed with us and went back as decided. Before he leaves my wife informed him of the bad days ahead claiming several lives a day and believe in Jesus Christ as & god. And handed him over a New Testament bible. As he was going back by bus and met with an accident in which 4 people were killed.

    We were informed of the sudden demise of Mr Nageswara Rao over telephone at 2 am in the night. Immediately I knelt down andprayed to the Lord for to save him and take him to heaven. God immediately asked me to look up and when I saw the evil spirits wore black trousers with ugly faces had covered around the dead body claiming by each of them that it ‘s mine and were fighting among themselves. How can I take it to heaven, god said.

    Before baptism : It was my experience that one devil in the snake form used to chased me and bites me on my foot whenever I get up from my bed so I have taken my legs back immediately with fearful . This has happened not only for one day but I suffered few more years as I did not rush up to any magician to get rid of this problem, thinking that it will not be a permanent solution. I have gone through all these years by gripping my life with fear as the devil was chasing spuriously only to harm me . But mean while I have received Jesus Christ in my heart as my Savior & god and taken baptism accordingly on 10-2-1991.

    After a week days of my baptism , I was surprised to see that three snakes were found broken / ruptured badly unable to move over which I had walked on them to other side safely. As such god delivered me and put a full stop from my sinning life Thank god .

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