Something Greater

Acts 8:13
13 Then Simon himself also believed; and when he was baptized he continued with Philip, and was amazed, seeing the miracles and signs which were done. NKJV

In the days of the early church, just as now, there were people dabbling in the power of the devil.  They could do all sorts of magical things through the power of darkness.  This power is real.  There was one man named Simon who was able to work in witchcraft and had the local people’s respect from young to old people.

1 John 4:4 tells us that great is He who is in us than he who is in the world.  Simon who had everyone’s attention and respect for having this magical power saw something greater.  He saw Philip come in to Samaria, preach the Word with signs and wonders.  He saw people healed of sickness and disease.  He saw demons flee at the mighty name of Jesus.  He saw something greater.  He saw something that he knew he didn’t have and he wanted that power.  He wanted that joy.  He wanted that peace and victory that only comes through the Mighty Name of Jesus the Anointed One.

Simon knew the power of darkness, but he knew it was shallow and unfulfilling because it wasn’t from the God of Light, it was from darkness.  Simon accepted Jesus as his Savior that day through the ministry of Philip.  He not only accepted Jesus and confessed His name. Verse 13 says he continued with Philip.  He hung around.  I can just picture him following Philip wherever he went.  He didn’t just get something and go, he go something and wanted more.

Just like the rest of us, Simon was human.  Once you are saved you have to work at changing your way of thinkjing (Romans 12:2) from your old ways to God’s ways.  When Simon saw people receiving the Holy Spirit of God by the laying on of hands in verse 19 he wanted to be able to do the same thing.  Before he knew God, he could buy things. At that point, he temporarily reverted to his old ways. He thought he could buy the gift of imparting the Holy Spirit.  Peter was upset with him for thinking this way, but Simon knew there was something greater than anything he had ever done through the power of darkness working before him.  He knew that God was in this and he wanted to be a part of it.

God has something greater for you.  Maybe you are in a job that you don’t like.  Maybe you are in a financial situation that is below the Biblical prosperity God has for you.  Maybe you have got everything you could possible have but you still feel empty.  That is because we all need something greater.  Humanism, socialism, politics, environmentalism, relationships, drugs, music, sports; nothing can fill our built-in desire to know God.  But more importantly, we shouldn’t just stop at meeting God.  In John 10:10, Jesus said “I have come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly.” It is pretty clear there are two choices here.  One is to have eternal life.  The other is to have it more abundantly.

Don’t settle for what you have now, go for something greater.  Go deeper with the Almighty God.  You will never be disappointed.  But more importantly, you will always be satisfied in a relationship with God.  The Almighty God is a god of abundance!

Father God, I thank you for the great plans you have for me.  I thank you that you love me and died for me.  I want to know you deeper and know your ways.  I want to walk in that same faith and power that Philip walked in.  I don’t want to be a conformer, I want to be a world changer.  Holy Spirit, guide me and direct me.  Help me to be sensitive to your plan, will, and calling for me and make it come to pass.  In the Mighty Name of Jesus.  Amen.

Posted on 12 February, 2007

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