Tapping Into God’s Power

Acts 1:8 
…but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.” NASU

Sunday, October 1st the Power of God fell at Victory Word Church like we’ve never seen.  As we were worshipping a strong spirit of intercession fell on the people.  It was something like I had never seen in Japan.  God has a great desire to do something in Japan, however we are His hands and feet and need to be filled with the Holy Spirit to make things happen in this realm.

Many people who have accepted Jesus as their Messiah have been duped.  They’ve been told that being filled with the Holy Spirit is something that happens automatically when you accept Jesus as your personal savior.  If this is true, then why do ‘believers’ do such nasty things to Christians and unbelievers as well? Have you ever been ripped off by a “Christian” or lied to by this type of person?  Well, unfortunately, I have seen in time and time again. 

Just recently, I know of a Spirit-filled believer who had become pretty good friends with a person attending a Baptist church (a graduate of Oral Roberts University to boot!).  The Spirit-filled gentleman was being an encouragement by giving the other guy all sorts of tips and hints on how to succeed in business in Tokyo.  Unfortunately, the ORU graduate evidently didn’t honor that and started sharing that information with the Spirit-filled believer’s competitor.  When the ORU graduate was confronted regarding the issue, he evidently thought it was a joke.  What a sad situation!  Even unbelievers familiar with the situation recognized this lapse in integrity. Just because someone apparently accepted Jesus or graduated from a great university like Oral Roberts University, does not make them any closer to God.  We’ve all got to personally know Jesus as Lord and be filled with God’s Spirit, not the spirit of this world.

People who are filled by the Holy Spirit will be cleaned up by the Holy Spirit.  Darkness and light cannot dwell together.  Very frankly the Bible has the filling of the Holy Spirit as a special gift by the laying on of hands.  This is very clear and is two separate acts of obedience, just as communion and being baptized are two things we are commanded to do.

Don’t be duped!  The infilling of the Holy Spirit IS NOT automatically received with acknowledging Jesus as your Savior and being ‘born again’ as John 3 talks about.  It is a separate act.  You receive the Spirit by having the leaders of the church pray over you and lay their hands on you (Acts 8:17). That is why in the book of Acts people who were ‘born again’ were able to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit when asked even though they already believed in the Lord Jesus the Anointed One (Acts 19:2). 

If you are not filled with the Holy Spirit, ask God for that gifting so that you can be ready for anything that comes.  Ask your pastor or minister at a Spirit-filled church to pray for you for the infilling of the Spirit.  You’ll never be the same!

Posted on 1 November, 2006

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