The Pastor David Yonggi Cho Tragedy In Korea

It is tragic to hear that a great man of God from the world’s largest church let his guard down. Pastor Cho was convicted of stealing the equivalent of $12M USD from his church it was reported.

Is Pastor Cho evil or a mean pastor? I think not. I have met mean guys with large numbers in their church so if I saw one of them doing this type of thing I wouldn’t be surprised. However, it is tragic to see such a successful man of God do this type of thing.

This is just a reminder that all of us in the church family have to
Guard our hearts
Seek God diligently
Run from anything that smells of evil
Not get filled with ourselves but be filled with His glory.

For pastors I heard good advice from Pastor Jim Kaseman several years ago. He said pastors and leaders of the church family has to watch out for the 3Gs. What are the three Gs?

When our ministries become more concerned about the 3Gs… otherwise known as money, fame, and sexual gratification we are in trouble.

Pastor Chos three years in prison is and will be a remind to us all that we need to seek The Lord with everything we’ve got and don’t let the enemy or the world distract us.

We pray God will turn this horrible thing into something good.

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