The Spoken Word- The New Audio Bible From OliveTree

The new audio Bible formats from are fantastic. At, we read the Word every day. However, it’s not always easy as we get tired or distracted and sometimes can have a hard time concentrating on what we are reading. That can make it difficult to soak in what we need to refresh spiritually.

The new audio Bibles are something is selling. So even if you already bought the New King James Version Bible translation, you’re still going to need to buy the audio version separately. From our experience, worth the $20+ dollars. With the audio Bible you get

  • The app reading the translation you have out loud to you while displaying the text.
  • Something you can just listen to when you’re tired or don’t have free hands (such as driving)
  • You can still highlight, book mark and make other notes on your audio version just like the written translations of the Bible you already have on your Bible study app.

Great new idea for how to keep yourself strong spiritually through hearing the Word.

PS if you can’t afford to pay for an audio Bible, there is one other option we know of. For the iPhone you can find it here. It’s called the Youversion Bible App.

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