The Word Of Faith And Power

As you read Chapter 6 of Acts today you are going to notice some recurring themes. It talks about the Word, faith, and power. You can see that them continue even as you get to Acts 19.
What makes Spirit-filled believers different from unbelievers and religious folk is the power of the Holy Spirit.
How do you get the power of the Holy Spirit in your life? It is through faith. Faith is believing even though you can’t see something. With faith you can know, even though you can’t see the circumstances that the answer to your prayer has come. Faith is seeing what God sees. When you see what God sees, you can do what He does. In John 17, Jesus told us that we would do greater works than He did. It’s interesting how in selecting leaders in the church, the leaders were looking for people with
• A good reputation
• Filled with the Holy Spirit
• Filled with Wisdom of The Spirit

Acts 6:3,4
Therefore, brethren, seek out from among you seven men of good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business; 4 but we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word.

We cannot be distracted and we must be focused on the ministry of the Word (whom is Jesus) and be praying if we want to see the things of God happen. Are you ready for the things of God?

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