We’ve Got To Be Kingdom Minded

As believers, the world we live in is becoming darker and darker. You are what you think.

Spend a lot of time in movies, music, and internet that is filled with foul language, sexual immorality, and violence and that is what you become.

Let’s focus on the thinking his Kingdom which is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.

2 Replies to “We’ve Got To Be Kingdom Minded”

  1. Hmm, indeed with this and “six reasons why young people leave the church” post also, but my question is how to focus on the right things(sometimes I ask myself if really right too) and don’t leave church?
    Everything just seems confusing to me, the darker world is just what I see and live at everyday, do I need live with that or change it?
    What am I supposed to do for don’t be influenced by all of that then try to focus on something else?
    Sorry about having many questions, but I needed ask by some way…

  2. If you know Jesus. It is all about following Him. We all need Him.

    Probably the most important thing is getting into a Holy Spirit filled church that has a powerful message and worship (music). No one is leaving these churches because God’s power and presence are there. Hope that helps.


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