What Has Happened To Hillsong?

151215_HillsongConcertWe are huge fans of Hillsong.  That church has done so much to promote a beautiful worship around the world.  Who can forget “Mighty To Save”, “Shout to the Lord”, and all the hundreds of great worship songs that have come out of that church.  We love Hillsong, but as of November 2015, it seems they have lost their way.  Their music has begun to sound the same. Maybe they have been working so hard to be relevant to the world, that they’ve become too much like the world?
What happened to Hillsong and what was the change?  It seems PlanetShakers in Melbourne Australia has really picked up that anointing for worship.  The Generation Unleashed worship in Oregon has been excellent, but we don’t know where they are now.  The New Life Worship in Colorado has also been very good.  So much good worship out there but as Hillsong seems to have lost it’s ministerial direction, you wonder what is going on.   It’s been SO good for so long.
A couple of us from Victory visited the Hillsong Conference back in 2007.  It was life changing.  The worship was amazing.  The area that could have been confusing was likely the teaching.  They have Joel Osteen, Ed Young, TD Jakes, Lou Gigaglio, Joseph Prince.  From a teaching perspective, things are confused.  They have Word of Faith people mixed with Baptists, Independents, and varying flavors of faith or just plain religious folk. We have found when going to a conference, its best to focus on those that have speakers of strong faith. However if you go to conference and didn’t know any better, or were a young follower of Jesus (Christian), you really could get confused.  What happened to Hillsong?  Likely, the confused messages and teaching have hit it.
In 2010, Darlene and Mark Zschech, the leadership behind the Hillsong worship left the church to go start another church.  With any big church, you’re going to see a flow of people coming and going, but Darlene probably set the tone for why Hillsong was such a worshiping church.  Other great contributors like Marty Sampson (famous for writing many of their songs), had already left before that.
We don’t know what happened at Hillsong, but all of our churches come down to leadership.  People are probably not interested in the tattoos and nose rings.  In fact, these things may become a distraction.
If you think of our brothers and sisters at Hillsong, let’s focus on praying for them.
  • Wisdom and direction for the leadership
  • A sense of holiness towards honoring the Father
  • Surrounding the leadership team with godly support
  • Whatever else the Holy Spirit shows you that they need
Obviously, by reading this note, you noticed that there was something amiss as well.  Let’s pray for Hillsong for God to exhort, convict, direct… do whatever it takes to make sure everything runs in His direction.

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  1. Amen that’s true their worship its no longer that effective as we used to know especially Zion was boring but as 4 let there be light keep it up

  2. When you try to infiltrate and deny God’s Word, the doors are open wide for Satan to “come on in”. This is terribly sad!!!!!! Praying for Hillsong!!

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