Why Does Pastor John Fullerton MacArthur Seem To Hate Christians?

The beauty of the church of God built by Jesus the Anointed is the diversity.  Not ‘diversity’ in terms of the sexual perversion the world tries to flog today.  Diversity in that there are many people with many different types of personalities as well as giftings and callings.

God is so gracious.  When we get off He corrects us.  If we are like David, and correct ourselves we are back on God’s path for our lives.  If we ignore, we are stepping outside of God’s will.

I don’t know much about John MacArthur other than he is a pastor, publishes a lot of books, and is more of a religious guy who doesn’t like Spirit-filled Christians or shall we say, Spirit-filled Jesus people.  He doesn’t believe in signs or wonders, so you’d never see me in a church like that.

Indeed God is gracious.  When someone says they are a prophet we should always be careful, it seems that God did indeed send someone to warn John about attacking Jesus people and the move of the Holy Spirit.  We know from Acts with Ananias and Sapphira, you can’t work against the Holy Spirit and expect to continue.

This video of a ‘prophet’ warning John MacArthur really gets you thinking.  He speaks with a Scottish accent and may have come from far and really felt that God wanted him to deliver that message.

Generally, it’s best to avoid John MacArthur’s materials as it comes from a Calvinist perspective.  They see God as always angry and judgmental. Maybe because that is the way they are? However, God is not like that now.  Judgment will come.

Let’s be praying for John that he will have know Jesus personally and be filled with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit so he will be able to lead the people in his circle to God and not away from the Kingdom.

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