A Word For 2009

Water Abundance


17 January

2009 is the year of influence and breakthrough.  As you seek Yahweh with all your heart, soul, and mind, Yahweh will pull you out of what you thought were impossible situations.

As you meditate on His Word, your prayer life is going to be supercharged.

As you make time and effort tot get in His presence, people will be amazed at the wisdom you exhibit to make decisions in your life, your family, your company.

Victors who are hungry for God’s presence will prosper.  Opportunities will come up and present themselves to you.

So much opportunity that you will have to choose between multiple opportunities.

2009 will be an awesome year of breakthrough.  The breakthrough will start with individuals and affect the whole church family in a positive and amazing ways.


Japan is hungry.  The nation yearns for a loving relationship with the almighty loveing God.  As believers rise up, suicidal, depressive, distraught, proud, and haughty spirits will have to flee.  Great joy will come to this nation as believer bubble-out on the trains, in the stations, at the offices, in the rice paddies, at the factories.

Spiritual revival will come the Japan this year.  The fire will start and smolder and break out in the cities, villiages, and towns around the nation.

Do not feart, do not lose hear, put your fiath in Yahweh and He will bring it to pass.  As you believe, as you act, break through starts with you.

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