Brownsville Evangelist Steve Hill Passes After Bout With Cancer

Steve_HillThe Brownsville Revival was a life-changing experience for us. My wife and I visited the remote town in the Florida Panhandle three times. The power and presence of God was so real there it completely changed us.

In 1995, a visiting evangelist preached on Father’s Day service at the Brownsville Assembly of God Church in Brownsville Florida. He was not planning to stay long, as most evangelists travel. However, that changed when people’s hunger showed and the presence of God hit that church that Sunday. It sparked daily meetings where hundreds of people lined up outside to get a seat in the church and later on in the overflow sanctuaries they built.

Gangleaders turned to Jesus, drug dealers confessed their sins, lesbian couples broke away from the homosexual bondage. Even witches who came to cause havoc on the meetings either came to Jesus or had to leave do to the power and presence of God being so strong in that place.

Steve Hill wasn’t the reason for the revival but he certainly was a part of the sparks that caused a revival that lasted for 5 plus years of people going to church nearly every day because they were so hungry for the things of God. In total some 100,000 plus people made decisions for Jesus.

Steve Hill was not afraid to confront sin and preached right at it. He preached nightly and relied on the Holy Spirit. Himself a former drug addict, he knew what the low life was.

Why did Steve Hill die before his time? It could’ve been the drugs, it could’ve been his believing was off, we may never know. However, there is no doubt that heaven has welcomed a great faith hero as the angels have rejoiced frequently through all the people who have come to Jesus through this man.

We’ll miss you Steve and pray 10 more evangelists even more influential will rise up in your place to bring this lost and dying generation to Jesus.

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