Life Changing Earthquakes Anniversary- Three Years Ago In Tokyo

Today marks 3 years since the tragic earthquakes of 2011. It was a life changing experience that day I came back from lunch at Roppongi Hills. So glad I wasn’t on the 51st floor when it hit.

Walking back to my office, I’ll never forget that great shaking that sent me to the middle of the street to avoid falling glass. The pavement rolled and off in the distance the Tokyo Sky Tree swayed with great force. Cars didn’t judge it was an earthquake until they saw a bunch of us in the middle of the street.

We didn’t realize how the earthquake would changes our lives at the time. We never imagined the huge tsunamis and nuclear meltdowns that would forever change Japan.

Let us never forget that whatever we have can be taken in the blink of an eye. If we don’t have Jesus when tragedy hits we will be lost forever. Let us never forget.

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