Building A Strong Family of Faith


These are some great insights a picked up while listening to a message from Brian Zahnd. Very good insights!

Faith Family Steps

1) Be in church, believe in the church, love the church. You children project your attitude toward church on God. Teach them to tithe. JF Powers- This is a big old ship, she creeks she rocks, she gets you where you are going.

2) I believe in free will, excepts when it comes to my kids. My kids are going to be saved and they are going to serve God. Luke 18 (first 18 verses are the secret).

3) Recognize the risks of us versus them separatism. Beware of a fear-based strategy. World is bad, church is good. NO! You must teach your children how to live in our culture. Ie. Music- some Christian music is lame. The line separating good and evil runs through the heart of every man. Teach your children how to discern things.

4) Make your marriage work. This is one thing that will bless your family. Take your time choosing your mate. A good marriage is something you build. You have to find A right one. Not THE right one. Divorce will have a detrimental impact on your children.

5) Never become estranged from anyone in your family. People not going to a wedding because they don’t like the spouse they have chosen. Keep your family as your family. Always keep the door open to reconciliation.

6) Use your faith for family vacations. Always reasons why we should not vacation. Family best memories are from Christmas and vacations.

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