Celebrating 75!

Today is a celebration. If you knew I had written my 75th Faith Builder (writing to 365), you might think that’s it. But something even better.

My father turned 75 years today! Oh, I wish that I could be there with him in the US to celebrate this important day. I am so thankful for Dad! Everyone talks about how wonderful their parents are but I think it is hard to top Robert W!

It is so important to create a heritage of faith for your children. The father of the home is the spiritual head of the family. His responsibility is make sure the wife and kids are raised in a good church and learn His ways! My father did just that.

My mom and dad both came from heathen families but after the birth of my sister a neighbor came by. His name was John West. Mr. West was so loving and encouraged these young parents to get to church. God bless John West!

Without John West, we would not have a heritage of faith, but he was just the catalyst. My father stuck with it through think and thin. I am so blessed.

-My parents sent us kids to Summer Camp every year.
-Had us in church every Sunday
-Encouraged us to do different things such as band, sports
-Adopted three girls from Korea and gave them a chance to have a full life in the US
-Is constantly telling people about Jesus and giving away thousands of Bibles all the time.
-Not afraid to pray for people then and there when they need something.

It is amazing how much your parents influence who you become. I have to say the success I have, and the blessing I am to the people around me is a direct connection to my Dad.

We’ve been able to lead over 70 people to Jesus since we came to Japan. We have seen countless healings and miracles in the lives of people from all over the world because we believed and prayed over them in faith.

If my Dad wouldn’t have had the guts to get me in church and teach me The Way, who knows what I would be doing.

Praise God for a wonderful Dad. I am indebted to him for so much. I can never repay him for the heritage, the training, the discipline, the encouragement, and most importantly the love he has showed me.

By the Holy Spirit, I sense the best way to give back is to sow that same love into my children. If there are more people like my Dad in the world

Go long and go strong Dad!

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