Leather Bible Covers- Repairing And Recovering Old Or Current Bibles For Longer Life

If you are like any believer, you’ve got a bunch of Bibles. But of the lot, you’ve probably got one that you’ve written those notes in, the pages are just the right thickness, you’ve got the favorite verses highlighted.

I remember after graduation from University undergraduate work, I went to Japan. The pastor from Illinois in my church in Tokyo told us we should never write in our Bibles because it would prevent us from getting new revelation later on. How wrong he was! Write in those Bibles and use them. Wear them out so the Word gets from the pages to your spirit. Once you wear them out, here’s how to breath more life into those books.

We looked on the internet for a book binding service and found a company called AA Leather. I just sent a small Bible to them in Florida to get fixed up. I sent it from Tokyo and they got it in a few days via airmail. The Bible I sent wasn’t one that I could use that much because it had a snap-flap that got in the way when you opened it, but it was a great size with a nice concordance, center column reference, and readable font size. Unfortunately, it was covered in Thomas Nelson’s horrible bonded leather. So like bonded leather does, it was falling apart. It looked like this.

If you are wanting to keep using that Bible that you used to use, there is hope. I selected between cowhide or goatskin, the color and they recoved the bugger, asked how many ribbons I wanted and even added new pages.
Here’s that bible with a new lease on life.

Well done AA Leather!

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