Our Awesome God!

I was so pleased to see my daughter get on a flight to the US this afternoon. Why?

Boarding that flight is a sign of our awesome God who acts when we ask Him. Sitting down in that seat was a sign of His goodness as we prayed three prayers this past Saturday at the Victory Power Hour prayer meeting.

-Prayed away the rain on Sunday> Answered! Rained everywhere else.
-Prayed for healing from a nasty cold for young baby Niki so she could go> Answered! Completely well the next AM.
-Prayed my daughter would get on the flight to the US on Tuesday. > Answered! She was told she couldn’t go, she’s in an Airbus enroute as we speak.

He is SO good!

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  1. We are thrilled to have our sweet niece here, and are looking forward to spending time w/her!

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