The Wuhan Corona Virus (COVID-19) Is Not The Judgment of God

Recently, there have been a couple pastors or Christian leaders saying the the Wuhan Corona Virus is the judgment of God. That for some reason ‘God unleashed it on humanity’. The fact of the matter is we are living in the age of grace. The earth has been given to us for a time (check out the earth lease here to control the other. There are two reasons why we have sickness and disease on the earth. You can find out more about the origin of sickness here .

Many people don’t believe it but they have been infected by satanic teaching that convinces them to lie down as the world and its elements run them over. This is not limited to Christians but also our leadership of pastors and teachers. This teaching is summarized in the Dark Ages Mentality

In this video, Pastor Spencer Patrick dispels the deception behind statements that blame the virus or any other darkness on our good Father God. He will judge the world, but we’re not in that time yet. Time is running out. Tell someone about Jesus (TSAJ) today!

Where Do Sickness & Disease Come From?

What Is The Earth Lease?

What Is Dark Ages Mentality (DAM)?

Is The Corona Virus The Judgment Of God?

What Shall We Do With Our Church?

Dear Victory Family,

Praise the Name of Jesus! I am excited about what God is going to do for Victory. It’s not been an easy last couple weeks, but I really have clarity in my spirit now.

Based on the current situation, I am clear that personally I need to be at Victory Place every Sunday and help people. We are here to change the world, not conform to it. If God can’t handle Corona virus, what can He handle?

I’ve been told by some that they don’t plan to be a church for a while. That’s their choice. I have been told by others that they’ll be there, come hell or highwater. Personally, hiding in my house is denying my faith and the power of God. Read more about that here.

If you want to come on Sunday, please come. If you want to participate remotely, that’s fine too. Your faith is yours. Build it and change the world around you.

We’ll be ready to worship on Sunday. We’ll be streaming and the doors of Victory Place will be open.

We walk by faith and not by sight.

Much love,

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What A Year For Fitness

Staying Spiritually And Physically Fit

Cycling in 2019

Rode 3074 km (that we counted)
In 6 nations-
US, UK, Netherlands, Sweden,
Belgium, Japan & Hawaii
142 hours on the road
Heard hours of great preaching

What a year!

What Does God Think About Pornography? What Does The Bible Say?

What Does God Think About Pornography?

Pornography, images of naked people doing things that should not be recorded. Some are ashamed after seeing it, others are flaunting it like it’s some type of joke. What should we who love God, think of these sexual images? The video covers what is God’s take on pornography. You can also read the detailed write up at here