Farewell To Evangelist Billy Graham- Four Things You Must Do

It is with sadness we say farewell to Billy Graham.  The man famous for telling his generation about Jesus Christ, our sin, and how to be right with God.  It’s all about Jesus Christ.  He passed at 99 years old on 21 Feb. 2018.

Millions of people came to Jesus through his powerful preaching of the love of God.  He wasn’t a Kathryn Kuhlman or an Oral Roberts with huge meetings were the Holy Spirit moved through healing the sick or raising the dead.  Nor was he flashy about getting people to walk in the abundance prosperity that other ministers did. But this man of God created a ruckus in Heaven! We know that the angels rejoice when another person comes to Jesus (Luke 15:7).  Billy Graham the soul winner of his generation.  Billy gave people advice in life about death he said

  1. Accept the fact that you will die.
  2. Make arrangements
  3. Make provisions for those you are leaving behind
  4. Most importantly, make an appointment with God.

Billy is with our Heavenly Father now. Now it is time for others to rise and take the message of eternal life and freedom that only Jesus brings to this world.

Wanting to see miracles?

Mark 8:12 (NLT)

When he heard this, he sighed deeply in his spirit and said, “Why do these people keep demanding a miraculous sign? I tell you the truth, I will not give this generation any such sign.”

We want to see miracles. Miracles are for today and are a sign of Gods hand on your life and church. In Mark 8, people are pushing the Lord Jesus to perform more miracles. It’s interesting that verse 12 says He sighed deeply when people asked for signs.

Of course Jesus can perform miracles but in this case He left. Why? Miracles are a sign of Gods presence, faith, and people who trust God. Miracles and signs are the Fathers way of broadcasting His goodness. Miracles are not entertainment.

Let your faith be strong, believe God, and walk by faith. These other things shall follow.

Are you good ground?

Mark 4:20 (NLT)

And the seed that fell on good soil represents those who hear and accept God’s word and produce a harvest of thirty, sixty, or even a hundred times as much as had been planted!”

Many people hear the gospel and get saved, only to fall away later. They wonder why they are not successful in life but don’t realize they have to accept the Word AND to do the Word.

It’s not enough just to accept Jesus but you must obey His Word. Don’t let sin on your life choke out Gods plan for you.