A Word From The Lord- Just the Beginning

As I was praying this morning the Lord spoke a word to me with incredible clarity.

“You work is not done. It’s only just the beginning“

Praise God! He has something BIG in store for us. This was a word I really needed to hear. God is SO good!

Saving the Earth? How about a new one?

New Heaven and New Earth

Have never seen a landfill in Japan. AKA a garbage dump where trash is buried in the ground. In the US our house was literally swallowed by one. The dump bought the surrounding property so they could expand…. In Japan we have incinerators (this is a picture of a small one out in the country side ). They burn pretty clean and burn up what can’t be recycled. Can’t even fathom the landfill concept anymore.

In the end it’s all going to burn anyways as we get a new Heaven and a New Earth and only the Jesus people remain. Praise God!