First recorded miracle in Book Of Testimonies!

Severely injured leg healed!

The first testimony in our book to record the miracles at Victory Word Church is the healing of a severe leg injury.

Prayed for on Sunday, healed on Wednesday on rising from prayer on the floor. Praise God!

Book of Testimonies (Miracles At Victory)

VWC Book Of Testimonies

At Victory Word Church we decided to keep a log of all the healings, deliverances, financial break throughout, and all other miracles in a written log.

Praise God so much is happening. We’ve got to remember as there is so much to be thankful for.

When you get a miracle, be sure to record your story in the Book Of Testimonies. The more we talk about the miracles in our lives the more miracles we’ll see. Hallelujah!

It’s Important to Have Goals

Trucks getting ready for a days work at a distribution center on an exercise route in Kasukabe

It’s important to have goals, even for exercise. This year turned out to be a chance to work out outside by more than I expected.

Last year, my cycling work outs in Japan and 4 or 5 other countries around totaled about 3000 kilometers. LINK This year, I’m approaching 6,000 kilometers of cardio exercise this year. A bit in the United States and the last international rides in the United Kingdom’s London, but the vast majority in our island nation of Japan. To reach the exercise goal of 6,000 km in 2020, I have attain the following.

402 kilometers left

John G. Lake Discovered God’s Power

John G Lake

John G Lake was raised around a lot of sickness in his youth. He is a famous man of God. Especially for the healing rooms he established in Spokane Washington that gave people who needed divine healing to get it.

He got saved and discovered that health and healing are a part of her eternal covenant we have with God.

A Quick Work Out After Quiet Time

Following my quiet time in the am, I’ve been trying to get 15-20 km of exercise in each morning. Beautiful morning with light fog over the fields outside Tokyo, Japan.