Powerful Holy Spirit Meeting At Victory Word Today

Today, Sunday, was an amazing service. Kayvin opened the service with Deuteronomy 28. Lord, let your blessing chase us and overtake us! Powerful.

I had prepared a message on prayer as I sensed God wants me to continue on this. That will continue. However, I also was directed by the Father to have certain people to give testimonies of what God had done for them. This was yesterday (Saturday) during our prayer and fasting time.

We skipped the message and started with a great testimony from Yoko about how God brought her to Victory. It was very good as I felt the same way years ago before we started Victory. We need to pray for more churches in Japan!

Then we also heard from Gigi about how she and her sister were protected from a bombing at the airport in Davao in 2004. If God had not of intervened her, her sister, and two brothers would have been maimed or even killed.

Mariko shared how God wants to help those who are tired. She asked if anyone wanted prayer. About 15 people came forward.

Anika sang “Complete” by the Parachute band in English. What a girl with such guts! It was so cute.

Following church, we had very brief Life Group/Bible Studies. We divide into Japanese and English groups. There was so much going on that we just had 30 minutes. It was good. We were happy to welcome guests from all over. Daniel was visiting from Hakuba Nagano. Great to have him!

We’re getting ready for the Christmas Party in Shibuya on 6 December from 3PM. There was a quick planning for that, then we called it a day.

Can’t wait to get to Victory again Wednesday!

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