God Will Be With Just And Fair People, If You Invite Him

Proverbs 2:6-9 (GWTransl)
The Lord gives wisdom.
From his mouth come knowledge and understanding.
He has reserved priceless wisdom for decent people.
He is a shield for those who walk in integrity
in order to guard those on paths of justice
and to watch over the way of his godly ones.
Then you will understand what is right and just and fair—
every good course ⌜in life⌟.

Fairness and Justice is Gods way. Mariko served at a church before we went into Ministry for several years. We loved the people and grew while we were there. 

They were having financial problems. We later discovered why, the leadership was ‘gray’ when it came to money. 

We prayed about it and decided to leave. When we stopped going, the pastor lied to the church and said we didn’t want to be talked to. 

You cannot cheat and expect God to bless you. Praise God He is gracious and willing to forgive if we turn from evil. The cool thing is that God blesses and gives wisdom to those who walk in integrity. 

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