So Much To Be Thankful For In 2009

Miracles Happening At Japan Church

Today, we closed 2009 with my message “Set Your Expectations Right” or ????????? in Japan.

At the end of the service we had a number of people come up to the stage and share what God had done for them in 2009, and what they are expecting in 2010 by faith. I was amazed. This is what we got in 2009.

1) A lady needing more income getting extra work out of the blue and being 10,000 yen an hour!

2) A man diagnosed with diabetes completely healed. Confirmed by his doctor as a “miracle of God”.

3) A wife told by her doctor that she was incapable of getting pregnant with her husband getting pregnant.

4) Another wife who could not get pregnant, in 2008 was prayed for and pregnant in two weeks. She gave birth to her second child in 2009. Hallelujah!

5) A woman working at a company in a business area severely affected by the downturn not only saw her company do well, but she got a raise! God blesses His people!

6) A guy working in Japan saw great miracles and God turn the premature death of his brother back in is home country something better.

7) A woman came to Japan lonely and hungry for God shared how blessed she was to come and be a part of the Victory Band. She didn’t realize how much God could use her outside of her country.

8) A lady was completely healed of breast cancer. The doctors could find no trace of the cancer and sent her home.

There are many other testimonies for 2009. If I missed yours, please send it in. I would love to add it to our list of praise to our Almighty God!

I am very excited for 2010 and look forward to worshipping with you.

Much love,
Spencer Patrick

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