Two Types of Christians

Rodney Brown

There seem to be many groups of Christians out there, but really it is not that complex. Of course, you can sub-divide, splice, and dice however; but simply put, there are just two groups-

1) Cultural Christians
2) Committed Christians

What’s the difference?

In general, Cultural Christians are ‘Christian’ because mama, papa, or some other relative was a Christian. They are usually not filled with the Spirit of God (although they think everyone is ‘filled’ when they are saved Romans 10:8,9) and tend to focus on keeping rules or ‘the law’ over having a personal relationship with the Almighty Yahweh. They are more focused on things and tend to try to force people into their mold. Like some older people they can get cranky, and sometimes aggressive with people who don’t agree with them.

Cultural Christians are the sparks that many times turn unbelievers away from God through legalism, criticism, personal failure, or just plain lack of joy. Who wants to be a Christian if you have to be like Joe who is losing life’s battles, attacking people not like him and saying how ‘blessed’ he is?

Cultural Christians can be members of any denomination, Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, or even some of the newer groups such as Assembly of God. Cultural Christians have an incredible opportunity. When they draw need to God, He promises to draw near to them.

Their challenge is to ‘unlearn’ those religious teachings that are not in line with the Word of God and see the Word of God through the fresh eyes not cluttered by cultural or traditional religion that leads away from the Creator. For most it is a gradual process of renewing their mind according to the Word of God (Romans 12:2).

Committed Christians are usually filled with the Holy Spirit of Yahweh and have a passion for people just like Jesus the Messiah does. They seem to be joyful no matter what, and other people are drawn to them. They are hard to keep out of church and go because they are addicted to getting into His presence. They may or may not have a ‘Christian’ background. Their desire is the same as the Father, they want to all people get into Kingdom through accepting Jesus as their Messiah (or savior).

These Christians are many times called Pentacostal, Charismatic, or Spirit-filled Christians as well because actively see the gifts of the Holy Spirit at work in their lives. Healings, speaking in tongues, prophecies, and other supernatural signs are usually common among them. Committed Christians can be members of any denomination, but seem to be most prevalent at newer church groups and organizations. There are streams of Committed Christians even in the older organization such as the Catholic church.

If you are going to be a Christian you want to be a Committed Christian. It takes a bit of work, especially if you are coming from a Cultural Christian background. However, once you shake off the unscriptural traditions and culture that has hold you back, you can enter into God’s presence and begin to experience the plans He had for mankind from the Garden. To fellowship with His people daily and have a living relationship with them.

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