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God Wants To Work Through You!

I had the opportunity to pray for some of our fellow minister friends here in Japan on 20 March.

The couple were sitting in their car at in a parking lot waiting for someone. They greeted me and asked how I was doing. I saw the wife sitting there in the front passenger seat of the car not looking too good. I asked if they wanted me to pray for them. I told them, God was going to heal her.

I laid my hands on her throat and commanded the growth to disappear in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Here is their testimony of what happened after with doctors.

This morning, Bola (accompanied by one of our choir members, Mrs. Tajima) walked into the hospital for all the routine pre- operation tests. Started with another scope down the throat by one of the staff doctors. Stress test for her cardiac clearance. Kidneys showed some irregularities but nothing definite. Everything was pointing towards the scheduled surgery on April 15.

The last step was Bola’s final consult with the Voice Center Specialist. Dr. Fukuda, who has been practicing for over 40 years and is a world renowned Throat Specialist. He treats famous singers, lecturers, and politicians . After lunch, Bola was called in to see Dr. Fukuda. Bola mentioned that her voice was back to normal. Dr. Fukuda inserted the scope into Bola’s throat again (the staff doctor in the morning still diagnosed positive polyp in Bola’s vocal cord).

Dr. Fukuda looked and looked and did a thorough search… Finally, in a surprised and excited tone: NO POLYP! NO SURGERY NEEDED! Perplexed, Dr. Fukuda explained this phenomena as a SPONTANEOUS RESOLUTION. In tears, Bola thanked Dr. Fukuda & mentioned that “God Healed me” because many people were praying for a MIRACLE !!!!

Bola handed a CD/DVD of our last Gospel Concert to Dr. Fukuda and said, I hope not to see you again. We had just witnessed a miracle today. As proof I was tempted to attach the photos of Bola’s vocal cord (before and after the polyp was “resolved”) but it is not a pretty sight. Instead, below is the picture of Ken, Anika, Luke, and Victoria Jumping for Joy because Bola can continue to SING !!!

Thank you again for your prayers, outpouring of love and concern for us.

To God Be The Glory! Hallelujah!
In Jesus Mighty Name, Ken & Bola Taylor

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